21 March, 2021 #Uncategorized

Signs of hope Spring up

As we said goodnight, last night, on the first day of Spring 2021 – my kids and I said prayers of gratitude: for health, happiness, and light.
We had a Norman Rockwell day outside yesterday. There was some bike riding, chalk art, foursquare, tennis, football, sun and fresh air. We all needed it. Yes, our bodies needed it, but also our souls after 2020.
My kids, and all the young adults in virtual school over the past year, inspire me. Yes, they show moments of boredom and sometimes despair with endless Zoom calls and screen time that isn’t healthy for anyone. But I’m ever-impressed by their resiliency and determination to hang on.
As a new season sprung in the Pacific Northwest, so did hope. Shots in arms. Covid relief. Businesses ramping up. Outside family recreation. All of it, along with with the crocuses, are harbingers of better days.
I’m especially grateful to have recently visited my daughter and son-in-law in New York City. My stay in Queens convinced me not only that grandchildren are one of the greatest blessings and sources of joy, but also that people have a natural goodness. Yes, there are horrible, unjust events happening in our world, but I saw much kindness in NYC.
I think of the thoughtful AirBnB hosts who looked after me like family; the restaurant and bakery staff who served me with a smile. I also appreciate the hard-working gig drivers who navigated me through the streets. One in particular worked hard to return a lost item.
The cities – the one where I live and NYC – convince me that a movement of hope is undeniable. We need to remember the multitudes who lost lives and livelihoods over the past year. We must support those who continue to suffer from injustice. Yet we can all do our part to be catalysts of a revival. It’s what we choose to see and hear – and what we do with it.

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