18 February, 2021 #Uncategorized

A calling with purpose

Why do you do what you do? Hopefully, we’re all asking ourselves that question (or one similar) about every aspect of our lives – especially after 2020, the “unprecedented” year of COVID-19.
I spent the last 12 months on an unforeseen and interesting journey of professional achievement (in my most recent role) and discernment (about a new, upcoming role). Yet, I was blessed either way…
I had the choice of remaining part of an amazing higher education marketing and communications team at Gonzaga University (home of the the No. 1 men’s basketball team in the nation – #GoZags!)…
Or was there something else – an opportunity that more fully reflected my passions and better utilized the depth and breadth of my experience? I didn’t know, so I put it out to God one year ago. …
He delivered in a big way: an opportunity (my future one) came to me multiple times from people whom I value and trust. At the end of the day, it was a good fit for me and my future employer.
I reflect on this for several reasons. First, this didn’t happen because I asked for it. Second, I was fortunate to have choices during a pandemic. Third, I hope this serves as inspiration to others.
So, as I continue on my 40-day Lenten journey, I am grateful. I hope you who are reading this also see signs of hope in your lives. As Pastor Rick Warren asked, “Are you going to live in fear or in faith?”
Blessings and keep the faith,

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