What’s old is new again on Juneteenth

It was Juneteenth 2021, but it might as well have been 1981 again as I visited a special place in my life journey this weekend.Four decades ago, I found my

15 June. 2021 2 mins read

Lament, Hope and Reconciliation

The news of our times can be highly depressing: too much division and constant examples of dehumanization. Yet is an ages-old narrative.As I find myself being more aware of its

15 April. 2021 3 mins read

Signs of hope Spring up

As we said goodnight, last night, on the first day of Spring 2021 – my kids and I said prayers of gratitude: for health, happiness, and light.We had a Norman

21 March. 2021 2 mins read

A year testing our humanity

It’s one year today since our nation first became officially under the wrath of the COVID-19 virus. More than a half-million dead; businesses lost forever; children and adults missing school,

18 March. 2021 2 mins read

A calling with purpose

Why do you do what you do? Hopefully, we’re all asking ourselves that question (or one similar) about every aspect of our lives – especially after 2020, the “unprecedented” year

18 February. 2021 2 mins read