New Year’s Resolution: Appreciate every day



New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken; it’s an accepted contradiction. So, you won’t find me making one that can’t be kept.

Yes, I always want to eat better, work out more, improve the lives of myself and those around me, yet so much is beyond our control.

The fragility of life and our inability to guide our destiny are notions that we continue to ignore, as our human egos convince us otherwise.

Yet, as we get further into life, the lessons of actual experience remind us of our folly. Whatever your belief system, there is a plan.

We can give ourselves better chances of defying the odds by engaging in less reckless lifestyles, but it can all end in a quick moment.

There have been several examples just in the last month in my neck of the woods, but they are around us every day – if we want to see them.

So, I resolve to not take any day for granted, to appreciate all that I have in my life, and to ┬ástrive for my best every day – knowing I will fail.

I embrace the highs and lows of the 2014 year coming to an end today. I welcome the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2015.


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